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Why Education?

" Education is not the learning of facts , but the training of the mind to think " Albert Einstein. At TFI we believe in the importance of passing on the knowledge we acquired through the years . We hold workshops at our Headquarters and our seasonal workshop space 


Pattern Making

Pattern making is one of the important means of communication when it comes to garment manufacturing. Participants get to have hands on experience 

Pattern making basics 

Different silhouettes

Utilizing different fabrics 


Industrial Sewing

Our courses focus on industrial knowledge . We work at our factory and participants get to have hands on experience with the industrial machinery and tools 


University Visits

We work closely with universities offering design degrees. Combining education with industrial knowledge is of great importance to help future generations adapt to work environments faster

Kids Workshops 

" Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future", Nelson Mandela

Our seasonal kids workshops are during summer vacations and cater to children aged 4 to 14. 

Participants are acquainted with different design , sewing and pattern making tools. All workshops result in a product that is hand made and children get to wear it and be proud of their own creations 

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