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Showcasing opportunities

Going out to the world and showing your brand needs alot of work . Defining the right channels, finding trade shows that appeal to your audience and handling the logistics can all be covered by our team with over 10 years of experience

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Heliopolis store 

TFI first store has opened its doors in 2022 , offering brands the chance to showcase their collections without going through all the logistics associated  

Monthly rent

No consignment fees

Dedicated team 

Social media exposure 

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Mountain View Ras El Hikma 

North Coast is one of the elite summer vacation locations . Our store is dedicated to designers with unique summer collections

No monthly rent 

Social media announcements 


PURE LONDON trade show 

Top notch trade show held annually in London. The show helps brands get exposure and showcase to international buyers 

Logistics support 

Dedicated team 

Finalizing deals with buyers 


International exhibitions 

We are always looking for international exposure opportunities . Showcasing local brands to the world and helping them land deals and expand worldwide.

Logistics support 

Dedicated team 

Finalizing deals with buyers 

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